This site collects news and pictures of contemporary African artists such as George Lilanga, the most reknown; Richard Onyango, Maurus M. Malikita, “Almighty God” Kwane Akoto, David Ochieng, John Nzau, Jean Baptiste Ngnetchopa.
Contemporary African art is a burst of colors representing a fantastic approach to reality clashing with the more formal and radicated forms of European art.
It is for this reason that all the "new" African artists enjoy extraordinary success in the major expositions around the world from New York to Tokyo, London, Paris, Berlin.
This space is also dedicated to expose other international artists part of a sole private collection.
Names such as Emmett Williams, visual poet, or Shozo Shimamoto co-founder of the “Gutai” movement in the 50s, pair up with all the African counterparts, giving a heavier cultural weight to the complete package of masterpieces.

Among other activities GBart has recently attended to ImmaginAfrica 2008: African film festival under the guide of the History Department of Padova Univesity.
The show opened november 8th at Loggia della Gran Guardia at Piazza dei Signori in Padova.

For information in regards of future activities contact the site.



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